Australia’s population has today revealed that they are rubbing their hands with glee at the idea of paying for our Attorney General to engage in a lengthy and costly legal dispute with our public broadcaster.

This comes after the man too busy to answer questions about his behaviour and clear his name in an independent enquiry, decided to launch a defamation claim against the ABC.

Paid Leave Porter’s legal team, which he engaged nearly 6 months ago for some reason, has claimed that the ABC had an agenda against him and sought to subject him to a ‘trial by media.’

However, rather than answer some of the questions that have been raised by the allegations, the Attorney General on mental health leave that is unattainable for the majority of Australian workers and taxpayers has decided to set up this smokescreen instead.

“I mean, obviously they other media outlets have said all sorts of stuff, but it works much better politically to announce that I’m suing the ABC,” said Porter a short time ago.

“Always Broadcasting Communism and all that,” he laughed.

“And it should serve as a great shield for me if I ever decide to go back to my highly paid public service job.”

“Bloody lefties, I can’t believe they are demanding to know that the first law officer of the crown wasn’t involved in some horrendous incident.”

“Why don’t they just believe me when I say I didn’t do anything,” said the high ranking legal official of a country where an estimated 1% of sexual assault cases result in a conviction.

“Anyway, I’m off to point my laser beam at the planes going overhead.”


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