Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has today acknowledged that he caused “great anxiety in Australia” by taking a family holiday in Hawaii as bushfires burned across the nation that have been killing people and destroying homes.

Mr Morrison announced he would cut his trip short on Friday, after the deaths of two volunteer firefighters in New South Wales.

His selfless actions have been praised as heroic and completely unnecessary but very appreciated, by the Murdoch newspapers. The rest of the country appears to have made it clear they think he’s a fake bogan toff who runs from responsibility.

Morrison says with the benefit of hindsight he would have made a different decision.

“I thought I could just bunker down in the resort with Jenny and the girls and really focus on some high quality thoughts and prayers”

“This looks a lot like the rapture. Forget climate change policy, forget Paris agreements. We need to pray our way out. This is God. He’s telling us something. I always thought a Royal Commission into the church would upset him”

However, as Morrison went on to point out, his own prayers weren’t really achieving much – he puts it down to the fact that he had used up all of his most effective prayers on the 2019 election win.

‘I’m standing with the three biggest miracles in my life here tonight – and tonight we’ve been delivered another one,’ a jubilant Scott Morrison said while standing next to his daughters and wife after the Coalition’s 2019 Australian election win. The prime minister made multiple references to his faith in his victory speech, ending by saying: ‘We are an amazing country of amazing people. God bless Australia.’

Eight months later, and Morrison has landed in Sydney just before 8:00pm on Saturday on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu, 48 hours after he said he would get back from the holiday he decided to take during the most unprecedented bushfires in recorded history.

The period of leave was not formally announced, and the Prime Minister’s Office refused to confirm the location or dates of leave and in some cases openly lying to the media.

Mr Morrison has spent Sunday morning receiving a briefing on the current fire situation in New South Wales from fire chiefs and emergency service personnel at Rural Fire Service (RFS) headquarters.

He has since refused to acknowledge climate change, despite his lightweight deputy panicking and ac

At a press conference, he said he accepted the criticism during his holiday, and apologised for any upset caused. But not many people asked that many questions because the media isn’t that interested in holding him to account.

More to come.


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