WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS THOUGH: Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has lashed out at his old colleagues for their desperate attempts to terrify voters about an imminent war with China, warning that such “reckless” comments had “no basis in fact” and harmed our national security.

Peter Dutton said on Friday there was “no doubt in his mind” that China want Labor to win the 2022 election, as he continues stoking the fires of diplomatic unrest in an effort to get re-elected.

In the face of unflattering poll numbers, Liberal MPs are increasingly unhinged in their comments about our powerful Asia-Pacific neighbour.

It appears that the Defence Minister is running three seperate angles at the moment. One, his constant provoking of China to the point of crushing Australian produce exports. Two, his constant insinuations that his political opponents are in bed with China, and three, his constant undermining of Morrison – a man whose job he so badly wants.

One message that is consistent throughout all of Dutton’s different battles is the fact that he believes only the Liberals can protect Australian ‘from them’.

This message is echoed by Dutton’s colleagues, even the ones that he is plotting to overthrow, with the Home Affairs Minister reiterating that the Coalition will always make the “difficult decisions” in protecting Australia’s sovereignty.

However, the Morrison Government’s commitment to protecting Australia from a nation of 1.4 billion people – with a military that outnumbers the population of Melbourne – is one promise that may be taken with a grain of salt from their own female staff members.

This comes as Scotty and his cabinet face endless accusations of falling short in their responsibility to protect the women working in Parliament House from workplace harassment and assault.

As the ‘drums of war’ continue to beat in the run-up to the election, the many victims of the Liberal boys club – ranging from campaign volunteers to former MPs – have been left wondering if the Morrison Government are actually serious about protecting us from China.

Or are they just going to let them off lightly with a slap on the wrist and a job reference for the private sector.


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