The media protection racket of the National Party looks to have been punctured overnight, as mainstream news reporters were unable to avoid broadcasting the delicious footage of North Queensland MP Bob Katter tearing strips off some nobody Coalition Senator

The previously Cold War between the Nats and Bob Katter has accelerated beyond friendly fire to full blown live combat, after a cocky Nationals upstart attempted to interrupt the maverick Independent politician in an effort to protect the share price of Coles and Woolworths.

The incident took place outside of the senate supermarket inquiry in the rural NSW town of Orange, where Katter had called a press conference to continue his assault on the protected duopoly of Australia’s major grocery retailers.

The Nats senator, who is apparently meant to be an impartial member of the senate committee investigating price gouging and lowballing of farmers, continually interrupted Katter’s press conference until he was met with a vicious spray from the Father of The House.

Katter, who has been steadily gaining votes at both a Federal and State level for nearly 30 years, had never encountered the type of arrogance shown by the former Young Liberal elite, who apparently goes by the name of Senator Ross Cadel.

Meanwhile, the man-boobed incels who are in charge of National Party social media accounts have been working tirelessly to hide and delete any comments that might refer to this iconic dressing down.

This incident has caused extreme panic in the Nationals Party room today, as it becomes clear that Bob Katter may have started a trend where fed up rural Australians now have licence to publicly berate the useless MPs and Senators that are appointed to them by the only party with any candidates in the bush.

With little cut through from any alternative parties in rural NSW, the Nationals have been a protected species for decades

However, in Queensland, National MPs have always had to counter assaults from the Katter Australian Party – who now have three QLD state MPs and a Federal MP in Bob Katter – who cleared 63% of the North QLD vote in the 2022 election.

Katter’s dummy spit is looking like a real boost for rural Independents, especially with the National Party harbouring so many half-pissed lightweights who are in obvious need of a public rinsing.

Bob Katter has also encouraged every day rural voters to join him in publicly humiliating National MPs whenever they decide to leave their tax-payer funded luxury townhouses in Canberra and visit the crime-riddled jobless towns that they have left absolutely fucked after ten years of incompetent governance.



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