In the wake of another resignation from a position in the Federal Liberal Party, Peter Dutton has once again come out to confirm what is at stake during the Voice debate.

With Karen Andrews stepping down from a senior position, Dutton has tried to get a hold of the media cycle by claiming how much power the Voice would grant Indigenous Australians.

“If we say Yes to a Voice, who knows where it will end,” lied the leader of the Opposition, deliberately trying to confuse the general public about what the representative body actually stands for.

“Before we know it they might be able to abuse power like the senior Liberal politicians.”

“They’ll be secretly appointing themselves to 5 different ministries and blatant undermining our nation’s democracy,” continued Dutton – who is now apparently concerned with upholding the pillars of democracy his former government blatantly spent 10 years undermining.

“Or lord knows, they’ll be ignoring the UN and illegally invading a sovereign nation before we know it.”

The resignation of Karen Andrews comes after the likes of the former Shadow Attorney General Julian Leeser stepped down, and Ken Wyatt just flat out left the party.

However, Peter Dutton says senior figures within the party actively stepping aside doesn’t mean anything.

“I’m concerned about Alice Springs,” continued Dutton who hadn’t once been concerned with issues in the Territory town until it became opportune for him to score political points.

“I’m concerned about real issues, that I never once voiced until the Voice debate came up.”

“The Voice won’t fix anything,” finished the man who has done nothing to fix anything, and is deliberately politicising what should be a referendum about whether the nation agrees with greater Indigenous representation.


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