8 October, 2015. 10:20

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With topics like What can our politicians learn from Trump?  and Is the community over-diagnosing mental illness? – Channel Nine has delivered a Logie-baiting panel show that combines the sophistication of Q&A with the cheeky wit of the NRL Footy Show. We can tell already, The Verdict is going to be great for ratings.

With usually inaccessible talent like Mark Latham, Jacquie Lambie and former Gold Coast Suns AFL footballer Campbell Brown – It’s no wonder that none of the guests ended up finishing any of their sentences.

The Verdict's panel, made up of equally uneducated and outspoken Australian personalities
The Verdict’s panel, made up of equally uneducated and outspoken Australian personalities

As well as bouncing between dismissively critical rants about Australia’s mental health problem and what seemed to be a mutual group appreciation of “The Donald” – The panel also touched on “Sydney’s Muslim Problem” and whether or not football stars that have been convicted of domestic violence should be able to play again.

One term that kept recurring throughout the program was former Labor party-leader-turned-outspoken-misogynist Mark Latham’s favourite new expression: “Feral Media”.

“Donald Trump is great, he knows how to deal with the feral media,”

“Tony Abbott was a victim of the feral media,”

“Sportstars who assault their wives are constantly crucified by the feral media”

“When will we learn that the feral media is responsible for climate change”

“Feral media is responsible for marriage inequality, and feral media”

“Feral Media is a direct result of the feral media”

However, with an array of topical and heavily politicized subjects, The Verdict has also been blasted for their “Newscorp-style” rage-bait. Many people have suggested that The Verdict is itself, the epitome of “feral media”.

Mark Latham is a self-confessed "overtalker"
Mark Latham is a self-confessed “overtalker”

Channel Nine CEO Daniel Grinkel has come out in defence of the program.

“Nah it’s all good,” he said

“We have done the research. These are the topics that matter the most to Aussies,”

“Sports, Muslims, scary illnesses… the big issues that Q&A won’t go near,”

“I reckon next week we’ll get Karl to go harder on domestic violence… It’d be great to get Latham one on one with an actual victim,”




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