As storms begin to brew in regards to Anthony Albanese’s leadership, Joel Fitzgibbon has today hit the media junket with another big demand.

This time, the Member for Hunter has called for the Labor Party to give up on trying to combat climate change and instead focus upon developing a policy solely based on keeping his parliamentary salary rolling in.

The man involved in every single federal Labor leadership spill since 2006 because the party never seems to be heading in the direction he wants, says ‘Labor needs to return to its roots.’

But, by roots, he doesn’t mean trying to develop policy that improves the lives of his predominantly working-class constituents in a long term sense, he means dropping all climate targets and continuing to try and cosy up to the dying coal industry despite the fact even giant profit-driven banks and investment funds are saying it’s not economically viable going forward.

“Mate, people here in the Hunter don’t need policy aimed at trying to create economic opportunities when other countries stop buying our dirty coal because it’s not in their economic or social interests,” said Joel Fitzgibbon.

“We just need to keep the dollars rolling in for the next couple of years to get me through the next election so I can keep my parliamentary salary.”

Fitzgibbon says that the easiest way around that is by lying to working-class people and telling them that there is no other feasible financial option other than coal.

“Protecting the status quo is a far easier way of doing that than trying to develop the renewables sector which will provide way more jobs going forward.”

“Or developing things like tourism, government and corporate jobs in regional centres, renewable more efficient agriculture industries on the land we’ve spent a century running into the ground and so on.”

“Talk about hard work,” he laughed.

“So yeah, ultimately my paycheque and ego should be prioritised over the future of our nation and our planet.”


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