The Leader of the Greens is basking in his success this week, it can be confirmed.

With 4 members now in parliament, the Greens are also on track to have their largest-ever presence in the upper house with 12 senators — two from each of the states. 

That means that Labor will need the Coalition’s support or the Greens’ support if it wants to pass any pieces of legislation, effectively giving the minor party the balance of power.

The party had previously listed a 7 point agenda including a million affordable houses, dental and mental health included in medicare, and no new coal and gas projects, which it said it would try and force a Labor government tp back.

As a result of that “Greenslide” which saw the party achieve its greatest ever result at a Federal Election, Adam Bandt has reportedly decided to give himself a special treat.

After congratulating his bunch of candidates and promising to change the way things are done around here, Bandt reportedly flicked his phone to do not disturb yesterday afternoon.

With his staffers notified that he would be OOO for the next 12 hours or so, Bandt then rolled himself an extra phat baseball bat and kicked back on the couch.

Casting up some Rick and Morty to his energy-efficient television, Bandt treated himself to an afternoon of sheer pleasure.

Rolling through a few episodes of the animated sci-fi stoner smash hit, Bandt decided to leave the couch for a brief second to collect the groceries he’d just ordered on an app he swears he never uses.

“It’s been a long road, so I’m taking a moment to indulge myself,” explained a very fried Bandt.

“Just don’t tell my team I’m ordering groceries”

“Or watching Rick and Morty, I think a couple of my staffers were saying it’s been cancelled”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back on deck trying to get a billionaires tax through tomorrow”

“But for now, I got stuff to do. Bye,” he giggled, before hanging up the phone.


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