Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as Australia’s 31st prime minister, with the Labor taking control of the Federal Government takes power after almost a decade of Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison.

And with that, Australians are preparing themselves to once again witness an overly excited Labor Party implode to the ambitions of factional wreckers who think that just about anyone could’ve beaten Morrison.

After being sworn in as PM, the first thing Albanese did was add the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags behind the lectern at Parliament House, and removed the eighteen extra Australian flags that Scotty had left up.

Following the decimation of the Liberal Party’s base by both Labor in the outer metro suburbs and the Teals in the affluent coastal electorates, It looks like Peter Dutton is emerging as the most likely candidate for leadership.

As an opposition leader, many within the Coalition ranks believe that Dutton would be able to reform the party and win back the PE Nation mums in Bondi and Cottesloe by delivering even more climate change denial and hardcore racism.

As for the Labor Party’s leadership, Mr Albanese has also sworn in Richard Marles, and frontbenchers Penny Wong, Jim Chalmers and Katy Gallagher.

Marles as Employment Minister, Wong as Foreign Affairs Minister, Chalmers as Treasurer and Senator Gallagher as Finance Minister, Minister for Women and Attorney-General.

After a decade in the wilderness, Labor appears excited to get back to business, which usually means that the slightest dip in the polls will rattle the entire party to the core, resulting in knee-jerk leadership spills and disastrous personal vendettas.

Even the most faithful Labor voters know that while the party currently looks like a well-oiled election-winning machine – it is still just a collective of overpaid lawyers divided by their own egos, state borders, and slightly different ideologies. One that couldn’t even wait for Kevin Rudd to finish a full term before they unceremoniously replaced him with Julia Gillard, before giving him the job back after the election.

As the dust settles from the Federal Election, and the MPs that were hidden away by the Labor Machine re-emerge from their campaign embargos – Australians know that the knives are being sharpened as we speak.


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