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Two surfers have ended up in a brawl this afternoon after the two long-haired yahoos couldn’t agree on who was more stoked.

The brawl took place on the shores of Betoota’s man-made wave dam out in the Old Quarry.

Witnesses at the scene say the incident started off rather calmly, with one of the men saying he was stoked with the amount of ‘dope’ ‘barrels’ he got in.

It’s understood that the other man also said he was stoked with the number of buckets he chucked – or something to that effect.

“I could see that they were starting to get a bit riled up”

“I could hear ‘no, I’m more stoked’ ‘no, I’m more stoked’” said a witness.

The first punch was thrown by Aarren Ettylson after the other surfer, Hamish Haddaway, questioned the sincerity of Aarren’s stokedness.

“You don’t even know what stoked is” was allegedly the comment that drew first blood.

The two surfers have since been taken down to the local police station where they will make statements and decide whether or not they’ll press charges against one another.

Our reporter at the station has said that the two men are in separate cells but are still trying to figure out who is more stoked.

“It’s a pretty bizarre scene down here, fellas”

“The two surfers just keep trying to be the most stoked person, it’s a very odd thing to fight about but who are we to judge”

Our reporter is staying at the station as the story continues to develop.

More to come.


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