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Junior stockbroker, Nathan Abbott-Smith’s pig-like behaviour has paid off today after his boss extended him an invitation to a partner-only long lunch.

The invitation has caused quite a stir amongst his junior colleagues as they’re all aware of what the invitation actually means – Nathan’s made it.

The Advocate sat down with Nathan before he was due to depart for the lunch, which has since been revealed to be at a hatted restaurant called La Pepe’s, in the French Quarter.

“The last 7 juniors that’ve been invited to this lunch have started managing their own portfolios in 3 months” he said to us.

“So, I’m feeling pretty good about this”

According to records at the finance firm, Barnest & Bond, you won’t even be considered for a promotion unless you’ve sat through a session with the four big dogs that run the company.

The Advocate reached out to some of Nathan’s junior colleagues to see how they’re feeling about Nathan’s fast-tracked career.

“It’s kind of a stich up” said one hard-working woman, who actually has far better results than Nathan.

“Nah, good on ‘im!” added a fellow male who’ll probably get invited to the next lunch.

Reports from La Pepe’s indicate that the lunch is going quite well for young Nathan, he’s made the partners laugh and there have been multiple bouts of back-slapping.

It’s believed Nathan’s boss is going to pull him aside shortly and let him know he’s one of the big boys now.

More to come.


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