A local woman’s cheeky pun that draws parallels between horse-racing and her current relationship has made her Derby Day weekend all worth it.

After a whole day in 30 degree weather, Lisa (30) has managed to keep herself together, unlike a lot of other young people binge-drinking in Flemington over the weekend.

The Victoria Derby is a Victoria Racing Club Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds held under Set Weights conditions over a distance of 2,500 metres at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne.

With the heels of Lisa’s feet not far off becoming open wounds, and cheap champagne bubbles bursting at the top of her brain and no sign of food in sight, time is running out to get the couple shot.

Derby Day has become Men’s Day in the Fashion Stakes, and every year increasing numbers of fashionable gentlemen competing for prizes and a spot in the social columns. Traditionally black and white are worn on this day by women and morning suits by men.

However, bogans are well known for doing their own thing and quite often wearing bright colours and enormous hats. Lisa and her partner have decided to match each other in cherry read and light blue.

With her boyfriend, Mark, still looking respectable – Lisa dragged her most drunk and most single friend Shelley to a clearing of grass in the drug and alcohol-fuelled cesspool that is general admission.

“Get a photo of us!” she shrieks.

As Shelley fumbles with her iPhone, Mark and Lisa stare drunkenly into each other’s eyes, as though they are not as drunk as they feel.

Within five minutes on the sixteen photos that Shelley took of the couple has been posted to social media under the caption “picked a winner”.



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