A 15-year-od local basketball fan is today looking for a new place to live.

This comes after the Betoota Heights teenager was told by the old man he ‘better fucken find somewhere else to self-isolate,’ after a heated and unsolvable sporting debate.

High school student Tom Vidas explained that his decision to enrage his Lithuanian born basketball mad old man has resulted in a tense standoff this morning.

“We watched The Last Dance the other night, and the old boy was getting real nostalgic obviously,” he explained about the new documentary revealing Michael Jordan’s years with the Chicago Bulls and unseen footage of his final season with the franchise.

“I simply pointed out that I don’t reckon he’s definitive the GOAT, which took a minute to explain to him, and then he blew up, saying it was undisputed,” Vidas said.

“Yeah, he was unreal, and his mentality was fucken unbelievable, but;”

“I said have a look at what LeBron’s done in his career, what he’s done for player empowerment, what he’s done for the game outside of his on-court heroics and he just wouldn’t hear it,” explained the young man looking up share accommodation in a show of naive teenage confidence and defiance.

“Then he just kept going on about rings. It’s such a flawed metric the Americans use. Rings equal success. I get it, the two three-peats is fucked, but it’s still a team sport.”

“Anyway, it blew up, and now I’m gonna get youth allowance and move out. Fuck him.”

The old man Ivan was unavailable for comment, but his wife Janina reassured The Advocate that it would all blow over in a couple of days when he strolled out to shoot hoops with his son and offer some form of an apology that didn’t concede any ground but allowed for the household to move forward.


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