An over-the-top mate has started dishing out sack wacks on day two of a heavy bucks party trip, it has been confirmed.

Some of the boys believe it is because of the fact that Luke can’t seem to drink as much as the rest of them, and therefore needs to take things up a notch with juvenile pranks made popular by older brothers back in the day.

“Fuck me that cained” said one victim, Riley, using an outdated word that hasn’t been thrown around since the last time he was sack wacked in 2003.

“Fuck off cunt. That’s fucked” he says, while taking in deep breaths.

Over making three clean connections with three seperate left testicles belonging to the least expecting partygoers, Riley has promised the boys he’s done.

“I don’t believe the cunt” said the weekend’s buck, Jordan.

“He’s a fuckwit. Who does that shit. Who even invited him”

Riley says everyone needs to just harden up and its a bit of fun.

With the sack-wack spree taking place out front of the next planned venue of the weekend pub crawl, the boys are expecting to be denied entry.

“If we get denied entry you can wait outside cunt” says Jordon.


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