The family of local mother Carol Thompson (57) state they are beginning to worry about the mental wellbeing of their family matriarch.

Believed by her four children to be a sensible person with sound planning and organisation skills, the mum of four has thrown her reputation into disrepute after purchasing Christmas crackers over two months before their intended use date.

The prematurely purchased crackers were discovered by oldest child Matt Thompson (30) during a routine meeting with the Bank of Mum & Dad.

“Four big boxes of them, sitting by the front door,” he stated.

“I asked if they were for a work thing and she said nup. I think she’s brought them for Christmas which is like ages away.”

After further questioning, Carol Thompson revealed the Christmas crackers were purchased at a discounted price a week ago with the intention of storing them until Christmas day, over two months from now.

“You’re the one who said I didn’t have enough crackers last year,” stated Carol Thompson as if this were a reasonable reaction.

“While you’re here, I’ll get you to put them on the top shelf for me.”


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