Following a nightmarish 24-hours on social media, the millennial Liberal staffer responsible for Prime Minister Morrison’s ‘Fatman Scoop’ video meme, has popped up on LinkedIn looking for work in the advertising sector.

The new Prime Minister’s Media advisor has enjoyed an even shorter tenure than some of the men and women before him.

Just weeks into his exciting and career-defining role as the Media Advisor to the top job in the country, poor Phil Barnard is now looking for work in a creative agency today.

The 29-year-old go-getter who’s always prided himself on having a finger on the pulse has been asked to put his things in a box after a couple of blunders in the past 24 hours.

The marketing graduate from a sandstone university has put his boss and the entire office under fire today for deciding to put a questionable video up on the PM’s Twitter Account.

The video features Prime Minister Morrison and his colleagues putting their hands up to the iconic 2001 Fatman Scoop song ‘Be Faithful,’ and the caption ‘QT was on fire today (fire emoji).’

The song which goes on to ask ‘Who Fucking Tonight,’ and whether anyone who’d be interested in some ‘sex with no strings attached,’ forced the PM to offer an official apology for the post.

With poor Barnard’s job teetering along a fine line, the young man then followed up with a congratulatory post for Dave Sharma, the new candidate selected for the Liberals in the seat of Wentworth.

However, he congratulated ‘David Sharma,’ not Dave, which is short for Devanand.

The PM’s Chief of Staff spoke to us moments ago explaining why poor old Barnard was going to have head to an agency where they play squash at lunchtime and Friday afternoon beers are compulsory.

“Look don’t get me wrong, Be Faithful’s a fucking track. Everyone rates it. But you can’t go putting that up on the PM’s account,” the Chief of Staff said.

“We were thinking about punishing him and making him use an iPhone 5 for a couple of months and letting him keep his job, but then he fucked up again the poor fella, so it’s off to some ambiguous sounding agency where they all wear skinny jeans and fresh runners.”


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