Ahead of making his way to Dubbo for the 2018 Koori Knock Out, Former Prime Minister Uncle Tony X has today been given the ‘white nod’ from his Liberal party colleague, Peter Dutton.

The ‘white nod’ is defined by Oxford Dictionary as the moment in a black person’s life when they become familiar enough with a white person to be dissociated with any prejudices that were previously held against them, in Apartheid South Africa, this cultural glitch was referred to as ‘honorary white status’.

Dutton, who has been too busy lying on a leather couch talking to therapists in the weeks since his cruelly booby-trapped attempt at ousting Malcolm Turnbull, appeared to have missed Uncle Tony’s rapid transformation into radical black nationalism.

“Oh… Are you one of… Are you… umm” asked an uncomfortable Peter Dutton, after noticing Uncle Tony’s Indigenous All Stars cap.

“I must’ve missed this”

The newly-appointed Special Envoy to Indigenous Affairs  took it upon himself to gently educate Dutton on his family’s close ties to Aboriginal Australia, starting from way back in his childhood in a six bedroom mansion in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, followed by his three-decade career in the Liberal Party.

The Minister For Home Affairs responded by telling Uncle Tony that he was surprised to learn of his background, and complimented him for keeping it so well hidden.

“You’re not like those other ones, Tony” he said.

“Haha. When I first found out you were a blackfella I started getting flashbacks to my Queensland Police days”

“I nearly put you in the back of my car and drove you to out Pinkenba to let you walk home”





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