An opinionated Facebook user has stumbled across some sort of social media fame today, after posting an aggressive video rant on his timeline about some mundane thing that resonates with other people.

The video, which is titled: “Something that’s really been pissing me off lately” – has been liked by over 2000 people, some who don’t even know the 28-year-old – who goes by the name of Troy.

Throughout the eight-minute video, Troy takes aim at people that don’t realise he has a dash cam, overprotective parents and a culture of political correctness gone mad. Troy is also seen to be blatantly breaking the law by using his iPhone video camera while driving.

“I know I’m probably going to offend a few people, but I think a few people need a teaspoon of concrete” he says, before being told by a stranger that he is “100% bang on” in the video comments.

Followers have also noticed Troy’s new interest in filming these video rants while shirtless, a sign that his recent clenbuterol abuses have really been paying off.

Troy, who isn’t oblivious to the fact that most of his mates now consider him famous, says he’s going to make a dash at sharing a few more opinions on ‘viral’ Facebook videos.

“I’m thinking about another one” he says to The Betoota Advocate today.

“About gluten-free people”

“Like, half of them aren’t even allergic to gluten. Just fuck up aye”


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