A local man is this week basking in the success of a huge win.

While some may not share the same opinion as him, Brad Schnieder says stumbling across a hidden gem has made his week.

The El Dorado in question is the local family-owned convenience store around the corner from his new place in the French Quarter.

While every single item sold has an outrageous markup, the diamond in the rough is a veritable smorgasbord of lollies hanging on the wall.

“It’s one of the biggest I’ve ever seen,” explained Brad, whose 12-dollar toilet roll order quickly snowballed into a lobster.

“It’s got everything too. Clouds, Chicken Feet, Killer Pythons, Warheads, the list goes on and on.”

“This guy knows his shit.”

“It’s like the sports canteen of dreams.”

The convenience store in question is called “Betoota Heights Convenience Store” and sits just off the corner of Petersen Rd and Angel Circuit.

“He sells everything individually too, so you can make up your own little mixed lolly bag,” explained Brad, who didn’t even make it back to his front door before his treats were gone.

“I’ll come back for the Turkish treats he’s got sitting in the glass display, but it just feels so good to be able to plough through a whole storm worth of clouds.”

“I feel like a kid again.”


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