Struggling first-home-buyers may have found an easy foot into the hyper-inflated Australian property, it has been confirmed.

Mirroring the the damage done to Australian fruit growers over the last fortnight, local millennial, Courtney Fisher (25) has starting randomly poking needles into the plasterboard walls of investment properties in her childhood suburb.

“It’s the only way” she says.

“The negative gearing tax has allowed houses to sit vacant for no reason. It’s pretty much just land-banking, 1 out of 3 houses in my parent’s street are empty… So I’ve started putting needles in them [mwahaha’]” she laughed

“I thought, if a bunch of needles can cripple a market with an actually sustainable level of supply and demand, I should at least give it a crack on one that is manipulated against me”

Courtney is just one of hundreds of thousands of Australians who are currently locked out of the Australian housing market, despite having at least triple the savings her parents did at her age when they were buying houses – on the same wages.

It seems a vast number of fellow first-home-buyers have had a similar idea, with reports that almost half the houses in Australian capital cities were unable to sell over the weekend due to reports of needle contamination.

“We are worried about the affects this will have on the market” said DOMAIN magazine editor, Wyatt Oldguy (66).

“At the worst, this will at encourage homeowners to sell to the first bidder, instead of waiting to sell it to some foreign investor site unseen”


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