The reputation of Wanderlust stricken traveller Casey Lee (24) is in tatters as the aspiring second-year uni student was unable to produce a photo at the airport departure sign, casting doubt on whether or not she even went overseas at all.

Having travelled to all the world’s most diverse locations where you can get a great picture wearing a bikini on a yacht, Lee states she recently took some time to visit her grandma in Beijing although can’t back up this claim with a photo of her standing beneath a sign that reads “Departures.”

“No picture with the departures sign? Please!” stated critic and life-friend of Lee, Belinda Hortense.

“Next she’ll want us to believe she travelled without a plane ticket too.”

While Lee was able to produce photos of her Beijing visit at street markets and having dinner with her grandma, many are convinced that she could have taken those photos anywhere and that if she really had been overseas she’d have a photo of herself smiling radiantly beneath an un-miraculous sign at the business end of unyielding Australian airport security to prove it.

“I just didn’t take one this time,” stated Lee.

“You don’t have to take one every time.”

Her assertion that you don’t have to take a photo at the departure gate to prove you’ve gone overseas was laughed off by the roughly 750,000 middle-class members of Generation Y.


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