Local phone user Ashely Field is suspicious her busy friend might actually be a secret agent after they ended a phone call without saying goodbye.

Field’s conversation with friend Kaine Newton came to an abrupt end while Field was confirming weekend plans.

“I said ‘so I’ll see you there?’ and he just said ‘yep’ and I was halfway through saying goodbye when I realized he’d already hung up,” stated an emotionally shaken Field.

“I hope he’s OK. Hope they don’t put him through anything like they did in the film Spectre. As an audience member I mean, that film was boring as shit.”

Field hopes that if her friend has plunged deep into the world of international espionage that he is at least being as safe an unproblematic as he possibly can.

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, it soon became clear that Newton is not a British secret agent and likely not even a James Bond fan.

“My favourite [Bond] movie is Die Another Day!”


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