The AFP have today confirmed that they are investigating a disinformation campaign against Labor’s candidate in the Eden-Monaro by-election after spam emails distributed around the country claimed that Kristy McBain had pulled out of the contest.

This smear campaign, which is strikingly similar to the highly-circulated emails that claimed that Kerryn Phelps was an anti-semitic HIV patient leading into the the Wentworth by-election in 2018, have not been linked to any particular source at this point.

However, Prime Minister Morrison says as bad as it is for someone to spread blatantly untrue misinformation about a candidate heading into a neck-and-neck election – it’s nowhere near as dirty as the tricks that Labor are currently playing.

Voters from the Eden-Monaro electorate have confirmed to the Betoota Advocate today that they have woken up this morning to find letterboxes Hawaiin flower leis draped over every letterbox in the region.

As one of the most volatile swing seats in the nation, Eden-Monaro extends from the far South Coast of NSW, right through to the cross-border outskirts of Canberra. Making it one of the worst bushfire affected electorates in Australia.

It is for this reason that Prime Minister Morrison is angry, arguably angrier than he was when the entire nation was calling him Scotty For Marketing during his poorly managed response to the 2019 Climate Fires.

Scotty From Marketing was notably incensed at a press conference today, upon learning that everyone was, yet again, making a big deal out of him going on a two week family holiday to Hawaii in the middle of the most unprecedented bushfires in Australian history over Christmas – where over 400 people died, 3000 homes were lost and 1 billion native animals perished.

While it is not yet known if the Labor Party are directly responsible for the political stunt, however, it seems the pamphlet that accompanied the traditional Hawaiian lei necklaces are enough to trigger the highly sensitive Liberal Party.

“Vote LEIbor In Eden-Mahalo!” read the flyer that was slipped into each letterbox of the bushfire ravaged homes across the electorate.

Morrison addressed the ‘low act’ in a press conference earlier.

“These flower necklaces are just cheap political games run by GetUp and possibly ANTIFA and the ABC!”

“Even using the words Eden-Mahalo as a joke are far from funny. It laughs in the face of those who suffered during the bushfires while I was unfortunately stuck at a 5-star Waikiki Hotel and unable to make it home on my own RAAF jet” spat a furious Morrison, after being met with the slightest form of political opposition to pork-barrelled election campaign.

“Anyone who makes mention of my political incompetencies are unAustralian and hate our way of life!”

“And they bloody wonder why I slashed the ABC budget!”


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