The nation’s energy crisis has deepened once again today, with consumers wondering where the madness will end.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has warned parts of the Eastern Seaboard could face blackouts moving forward, as the nation deals with a ‘shortage of energy.’

One of the coldest winters in living history is one of the excuses being offered up for the fact our government has no control over the plentiful amounts of coal and gas we send overseas, with prices surging and energy levels in doubt.

As result of the lack of planning from our politicial leaders, who have allowed the profit driven private private sector to dictate how the energy market should be run, a staggering new fact about the energy crisis can be revealed.

It can be confirmed that lavish Jo Malone candles are now a cost effictive source of lighting.

Normally reserved as a gift for upper class or aspirational middle class, Australians who have more money than they know what to do with, the scented candles are normally considered to be outrageously expensive.

However, with power prices surging through the roof becuase the people who control our natural resources have sold it overseas and are refusing to release enough supply into the local market because they wouldn’t maximise their profits, the Jo Malone’s are now an efficient way to light your house.

“Plus, they are don’t rely on the grid, so when the blackouts hit, you can keep your Jo Malone rolling right through,” said a spokesperson for AEMO.

“And they sure smell a hell of a lot nicer than a gas heater!” they laughed.

“So it’s not a bad resoltion when you think about it.”

More to come.


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