The pressure is on at the ABC as the federal government has demanded the taxpayer funded organisation (for now) answer as to how two Liberal Party Politicians having hot, juicy extramarital affairs would interest the public.

Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher posed 15 questions to the ABC board, demanding an answer as to how the Four Corners expose into the extramarital affairs of Attorney-General Christian Porter and Population Minister Alan tudge complied with the ABC code of practice and its obligations to provide accurate and impartial journalism or have their budget cut again. 

“Seriously, why is it important for the public to know about high-level politicians making unwanted sexual advances while being drunken security threats?” asked Fletcher.

“I mean, thank God you didn’t report everything, granted it could have been worse but…ignore that.”

As the founding editor of Cleo, ABC Chair Ida Buttrose claims she doesn’t know what interests the public anymore but is pretty sure no one can refuse some cheeky hot goss that really gets the gang giggling. 

“Every week someone playing Minecraft on YouTubes [sic] gets more views than Q&A so how am I to know what they want?” stated Buttrose as she penned another article about how much she hates the millennials who work for her.

“Everyone in Potts Point knew about it so I just assumed everyone knew. This is why there is no point leaving Potts Point, what good things have ever happened outside of Potts Point?”


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