For more than an hour, a white 1993 Ford Bronco has been making its way across metropolitan New South Wales. Behind it, a convoy of NSW police cars trailing the SUV through 50 kilometres of Sydney City. Above, police and TV helicopters hover like wedge-tail eagles.

This follows the revelations made by stage actor Mark Winter, who played Edgar during the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) production in 2015-16, who gave evidence in Mr Rush’s defamation case against Nationwide News today.

Mr Rush is suing Sydney’s Daily Telegraph over articles printed late last year that claimed he behaved inappropriately towards a younger female colleague during the production.

However, Winter’s comments come as an inconvenient twist to Rush’s lawyers, which until now had a fool proof case against the uneducated masses who dare acquaint Australian theatre’s golden boy with the low brow Western Suburbs criminals and rugby league players usually skewered by the Daily Telegraph.

Rush, who has long detested the allegations made against him, has been forced into a desperate low speed police car chase, after yet another millennial thespian backed up claims made about him being a creepy old sex pest.

Crowds of boomer creative elites are believed to be cheering on the white bronco from vantage points in both The Rocks and Kirribilli, as Rush makes his way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“We believe you Geoffrey!” shouts one androgynous silver-haired heiress from the steps of Fort Street Primary school.

“Don’t let these heathens win!”

“You are purely collateral for a much bigger issue involving mostly crass comedians and sports stars”

Considering the current court proceedings are related to charges laid by the actor himself, it is not yet known why Geoffrey Rush is even on the run, or why police are chasing him.

This is a developing story.

More to come.


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