After a busy week, Home Affairs Minister and aspiring head of the future Ministry Of Truth, Peter Dutton spent last night furiously working away.

The former cop from the Sunshine Coast didn’t eat his dinner until nearly midnight, after he spent hours watching and re-watching the newest episode of the hit show The Handmaids Tale on SBS.

Not normally a fan of this genre, Dutton skipped his routine watch of RBT Australia to meticulously watch the new season of the show.

Following the week of raids by the AFP on journalists and news organisations in what looked like politically motivated raids to silence the 4th Estate, Dutton said he couldn’t miss the newest episode of the dystopian drama based in an authoritarian regime.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, Dutton explained that he religiously watches the show now.

“Not for like the complex character portrayals or the gripping storyline, but for the way Gilead functions,” he said.

“And those flashbacks they do, fuck me there is some gold in there.”

“Really really interesting to see how you can spiral a society down into authoritarianism so easily.”

“That Commander Waterford, fuck me, what a man.”

“Lots to learn.”

Dutton then explained to us that he’s tried to pester Tony Abbott into getting around the show plenty of times.

“He’d love it, but he gets to into all the old English Period Dramas to much to give it a go.”


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