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A Betoota Heights man who confided in friends earlier today that he was feeling a bit down about the state of our nation has tuned into the cricket in an effort to cheer himself up tonight.

However, things didn’t go according to Ben Jeangene’s plan.

“God fucking damn it, Big Show,” he sighed as his 15-year-old plasma ticked to life.

The 28-year-old city worker spoke briefly to our reporter, who lives opposite the youngster on Greenhouse Street, as he put the cat out and enjoyed a cigarette before his wife got home.

“Have you seen everyone’s footwork?”

Our reporter nodded.

“It’s fucked. We’re fucked. We don’t have a Bevan.”

But The Advocate reassured Ben, saying it was early in the piece and the West Indies still had to bat on the same pitch.

“I spose.”

More to come.


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