Social media user Elliot Hodges (27) has used his better judgement today and done a dirty delete on a CoronaVirus Hot Take they posted on social media on March 13 2020. 

At the time of writing, over 500K have died from COVID-19 with the USA alone accounting for 130K or so of recorded deaths. 

The pandemic is the deadliest in recent history, causing many to dub essential frontline healthcare workers ‘Healthcare Heroes’ or ‘People Least Likely To Pay For A Coffee For A Little While.’

The bravery of Healthcare Heroes is matched only by the cowardice of young Hodges who felt that considering how much damage the virus has done, maybe it was best he reclaimed his two cents.

“It was before lockdown, it was back when we just thought it was a racist hoax,” stated Hodges as he scrolled back through his Facebook profile to find the offending post.

“Geez. This does not look good.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate, Hodges reluctantly revealed the contents of the offending post which previously read:

“Maybe this racist Corona virus [sic] will wipe out all the stupid Trump voters so Bernie can finally have a chance. Maybe this bullshit pandemic will even send the orange toad straight to hell, you know he hardly washes those tiny hands of his XD”

After deleting the post which generated a whopping six likes, Hodges defended his position which was free of both hindsight and insight. 

“Yeah, if I had known they were going to treat COVID less seriously than sexual assault allegations from the ‘70s I probably wouldn’t have said all that.”

“I know I shouldn’t care but the Bernie part sucks to read too.”


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