An altruistic local tosser has earnt a ton of praise this week, for a rather kind little gesture.

Enjoying his daily commute to the soulless investment capital place he works at, Toz Er took it upon himself to generously leave his coffee cup behind for the next commuter to enjoy.

“Just thought someone else might find a use for it,” said the man who shamefully scurried off the train as quickly as he could.

“It’s a large long black too,” he giggled.

“Double large cup to really maximise my impact on the environment.”

“Nah seriously though, I kind of forgot that I sat the coffee down the side of me after I finished,” continued the finance guy lying to us, and potentially even himself.

The big fella who regularly makes loud and obnoxious phone calls during quiet early morning commutes then told our reporter to get off his case.

“That’s what they have transport cleaners for anyway isn’t it?”

“I pay my taxes, and if I leave a coffee cup there and someone else doesn’t want it, then it’s on one of the cleaners,” said the entitled tosser who probably flicks his empty servo rubbish packets out of the window instead of ‘dirtying up his car.’

After being told by our reporter that it’s actually on him, he then huffed at us and walked off into his Betoota Old City District Place of work.

More to come.


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