As the weather warms up and tourists start blowing in, coastal towns across Australia prepare for their local nightclubs to be slightly less depressing than they deserve to be.

South of the border, in the SA coastal hideaway of Glumbucket Heads (just 18 hours south of Betoota) the locals are ready to reopen their clubbing institution, Club Rub.

However, until Jeanette and Col from Adelaide visit with their now adult children, it is unlikely Club Rub will have non-local visitors. 

But no one has told Club Rub bouncer Terry Leniu (33) who is treating local nightclub patrons as if they are nothing but police lineup suspects to him.

“ID please,” demanded Leniu of a thirty-year-old man whose 18th birthday party he was actually at.

“Anything to drink tonight? Anything chemical?”

Although locals are not happy with the hostility of which the pastors’ son turned bouncer is treating them, many have come forward to say it is worth withstanding to be able to drink a $18 vodka cranberry in a room that is used for cricket presentations during the day.


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