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Executive staff at Channel 7 have today informed the reactionary interns running their social media team that they need to shut down Sunrise’s social media channels.

This comes after the television network faces backlash for deleting a photo of AFLW player Tayla Harris kicking a footy.

The network said they deleted the photo after a number of inappropriate and offensive comments were left on the post, in a move that has been slammed across the board.

That decision to give in to a bunch of lonely incels on the internet, has drawn criticism from all corners, and Channel 7 have doubled down today, deleting the social media accounts of the breakfast show Sunrise.

“After seeing the appalling comments left on our Sunrise page, we’ve decided to delete the whole thing from the internet,” explained an executive at the network.

“Sexist, racist, homophobic, you name it,” said the exec about the comments they saw on a video of Kochie giving Pauline oxygen again.

“Or the Nightwatchman talking about immigration again. Yikes”

“It was all there, so instead of trying to monitor our social media accounts properly we are just going to delete the whole thing.”

“I wish we could delete it off the airwaves to be honest, but it’s the last profitable program on this dying medium of free-to-air television.”

More to come.


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