A year 9 student at Betoota Heights High has today responded to the comments made by our Prime Minister last night.

“I’m feeling blessed today,” said young Brayden Williams this afternoon.

“That I don’t have a dad like Scott Morrison.”

Speaking in reference to Scott Morrison’s comments during the leader’s debate last night, Brayden says he isn’t really interested in the Prime Minister feeling sorry for him.

“I don’t really understand why he feels sorry for my parents either,” said Brayden.

“Unless he feels sorry for them having to navigate a system that has been underfunded and under-regulated by his government?”

This comes after Scott Morrison said during the debate that he and Jenny were “blessed” that they didn’t have a child with a disability.

The comments have drawn the ire and frustration of millions of people, with plenty of high profile Australians coming out to confirm they are sick of being treated like objects of pity by people like our PM – instead of being treated with the equality and fairness that’s mentioned by our politician’s dozens of times a day.

Morrison has since apologised for the comments, saying he didn’t intend his ignorance to come across so blatantly.

Young Brayden has since told us that he actually feels blessed he doesn’t have a dad like Scott today.

“The Prime Minister is a liar, unlike my dad,” said Brayden.

“And I don’t like liars. So, I’m actually very blessed that I don’t have an old man like Scott.”

“I’m very glad that my sister and I haven’t had to navigate the challenges of having a dad like that.”

“We are very thankful for that.”


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