The rubble continues to pile up in Canberra today, after the ABC’s crack investigative team at Four Corners broke the news that entitled rich boys are rather partial to rooting their subordinate females.

Questions have been raised about Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter’s attitude towards women, after a Four Corners investigation revealed a history of sexism and inappropriate behaviour.

These allegations regarding the misconduct of several high-ranking Cabinet Ministers has left the Australia’s females rattled – and shatters the commonly accepted theory that the Liberal Party was a safe place for women and run by egalitarians who detest chauvinism and misogyny.

Using a simple google search, it seems the investigative staff at Four Corners have made the EXPLOSIVE discovery that Mr Porter had nominated himself for Cleo magazine’s Bachelor of the Year in 1999.

At the time, Christian Porter was a 28-year-old lawyer and Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist.

The subsequent allegations regarding his incessant infidelities and habit of taking full advantage of the power imbalances within his own office, appears to contradict the criteria of the tabloid magazines search for the hottest eligible men in Australia who are definitely not degenerates.

However, after revisiting his CLEO Bachelor of The Year Runner-Up profile, it seems the writing may have been on the wall back then as well.

In the article, he was asked what song he’d choose to serenade a woman. Mr Porter selected Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

His self-portrait was a stick figure, which had to be censored because he’d drawn it with large genitals. Which was a kind of creepy gag even in 1999, but still probably not as creepy as nominating yourself in a women’s magazine hunk search in the first place.



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