A young Betoota Heights apprentice had a sad end to his day, after being kicked out of his TAFE class by his teacher yesterday.

Brett James (17) was told to go home from class after he turned up without adhering to the dress code.

“He didn’t have a single item of free Bunnings trade shit,” said his teacher this morning.

“Not good enough.”

“The official uniform for any apprentices doing construction trades is some form of free Bunnings shirt, whether it be the high vis, the painters one, those fresh green ones or whatever else is getting around.”

Since it’s roll out a few years ago, the free kit from Bunnings has become a staple of the small job construction industry and inner city hipsters who try and look like they would know what to do with angle grinder.

“It’s what’s expected, and here at South Betoota TAFE we set standards, and we adhere to them.”

“What’s next? Young fellas will be turning up in cheap 4 door sedans rather than utes they can’t afford?”

“They won’t be Snapchatting during their lunch break?”

“Brett will learn from this and he’ll be better.”

Brett was unavailable for a conversation regarding the incident that had all of the class giving him shit, but responded via Snapchat telling us to get fucked.

More to come.


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