Daniel Ricciardo has today taken the next step on his comeback to the F1 grid.

The West Australian heartthrob has revealed a short term deal with Alpha Tauri, which will see him driving one of their cars for the rest of the year.

Known as one of the basket cases of the F1, Alpha Tauri have failed to reach the heights of their bigger budget rivals.

However, seeking to make a splash in this year’s championship, AT have signed Danny Ric on loan from Red Bull – who are rumoured to be considering putting the Australian back in their driver’s seat next year.

That will likely depend upon how he performs for Alpha Tauri over the next few months.

While Ricciardo has maintained that expectations are high for the season, concerns have been raised about the wheel he will be behind.

“Look, it might be the an Arrow Sprint Go Kart, but I’m fairly confident I can get this thing moving,” explained Ricciardo to The Advocate today.

“It looks like an absolute top of the range vehicle, and I remember smoking the boys at a bucks party back in the day in a really shit one.”

“So, I reckon this can propel me onto a few podiums.”

Ricciardo will now take the top of the line motor car to the Hungarian GP in a few weeks.

More to come.


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