A local Betoota Heights man has just let out a long but barely audible ‘Fuck.’

He did so a couple of moments ago after admitting defeat at the hands of a fairly standardly packaged bit of cabling.

In desperate need of a cable to charge his phone hurtling towards 7% battery (at which point it often just dies) Sam Walters had already suffered the indignity of paying 30 bucks for a shitty cable that won’t last more than 30 or 40 uses.

“I can’t fucking open this thing,” he said as he waited slumped for his flight out of Betoota Domestic Airport this afternoon.

“I just ripped my gum and top lip trying to open it with my teeth as well.”

“What a fucking debacle.”

“Why do they make these things so hard to open?” he asked.

“I couldn’t be fucked asking someone at the food court to open it with a knife.”

“Maybe I should just bite the bullet,” he said getting up and trudging off.


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