Catching the single ray of sunshine coming through her bedroom window, a half naked Stephanie Lewisham adjusts her bra and attempts to candidly look off into the distance.

It’s been an especially hard few weeks for the 22 year old influencer.

Her usual feed of beach shots, restaurants and body barre poses has now been relegated to the confines of her slightly pokey bedroom at mum and dads house in Betoota Grove – after moving out of their luxury one bedroom investment property the moment real life threw the hurdle of home cooking.

At a tier of influence where she couldn’t flout the rules due to backlash, a bored Stephanie has had to set an example and get creative instead, carefully curating witty captions about how she ‘hasn’t washed her hair in days’, despite sporting a fresh blowout.

Ironically, much like how Steve Jobs got his start in a garage, Steph too, originally grew her business from the humble abodes of her bedroom when she started taking suggestive shots of herself parading a slew of colourful bikinis in the lead up to Schoolies Week 2016.

Letting out a huge sigh as she models off her latest ass eating shorts from Fashion Nova, a gloomy Steph dreams of the simpler days when she could pretend to walk up a flight of stairs in a G banger.



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