Stephanie Jacobson, known for being that mild attention seeker in primary school who used to gallop around the oval, is now into burlesque.

With no discernible personality traits other than her seemingly large disposable income, Stephanie has reportedly moved on from horses and into the world of Victorian era caricature.

Under the stage name ‘Stella Mane‘ – Stephanie now spends her Thursday nights on stage at her local RSL and other venues that host performances from novelty hobbyists who like to over-intellectualise their chosen artform.

“I think people from school would be shocked to see how different I am now,” admits Stephanie, who hasn’t really surprised anyone by following a well-worn trajectory for rich white chicks.

“I’ve grown up a lot.”

Stephanie has fully embraced the art of burlesque, including cutting off her waist-length hair and dying it jet black.

To complete her look, Stephanie now only wears clothes from Alannah Hill and Kitten D’Amour.

“I think people are pretty uneducated about burlesque. I mean sure, it can be a bit risquè but its got roots in cabaret. I hate it when people say its like stripping!” says Stephanie, as though dressing up like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and smoking fake cigarettes to rock opera is somehow more dignifying than making an actual income.

Despite this commitment to a brand new identity, Stephanie has had trouble making the transition from a sweet, wholesome girl, to sultry seductress.

“People still mention it,” says Stephanie, “I think they assume I’m this crazy horse girl but in reality, I’m really shy now!”

Stephanie does admit, however, that there are some things she hasn’t been able to outgrow.

”Honestly I never learnt to run properly”

It is believed that as Stephanie enters the next phase of her young womanhood, she has also gotten into rockabilly, which meant leaving her house in Brisbane City to an apartment in Cleveland – a town famous for being the rockabilly central of QLD and as the place rich octogenarians go to die.


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