Brisbane City Council Unveils ‘Yoga Deck’ Exclusively To New Farm CityCat Services

Brisbane City Council Unveils ‘Yoga Deck’ Exclusively To New Farm CityCat Services

22 October 2016. 10:25


Brisbane City Council have this week unveiled a new addition to the city’s diverse and consistent public transport system.

The ‘Yoga Deck’ variation of the Brisbane CityCat will now operate between New Farm and the CBD, stopping only at Bulimba.

Brisbane Mayor, Graham Quirk says this is a magnificent way to ‘pay tribute to the raw beauty of the majestic Brown Snake.’

“Yoga, with sun reflecting off the water, while you are zipping round the bends of the Brown Snake,”

“It sounds like pure Euphoria. Hiss Hiss cunce.”
This new style of catamaran allows New farm Commuters to commute to work in Warrior One Stance, and was heavily petitioned for by several mother’s groups in both New Farm and Bulimba.

Local stay-at-home milf, Roxy Beden says she’s been trying to get her husband Nathan to work on his posture for a long time, and now he has no excuse.

“He’s going to have to do it every day,” she laughs.

“But, yes. On a more serious note. Why should we have to catch public transport with all the plebs. We paid for waterfront properties and we deserve the right to do yoga and drink coffee on the way to work,”

“Speaking to the media today, QLD Premier Palaszczuk says the new YogaCat fits in well with her new vision for contemporary Brisbane.

“Gone are the days of punch-ons at the 152. Or even Merthyr for that matter. Nowadays residents like to enjoy the full zen,”

“I banned nightclubs in this city for a reason. We need to be more focused on gentrification, and a yoga ferry is the best way to do that,”

In coming weeks, Translink will also be introducing a permanent arrogant barista to the service, so that commuters can have their coffee requests sniggered at prior to starting their day in the hustle bustle, big city, corporate world.

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