YouTube Video Spoiled By Unrequested Options For WiFi Networks

YouTube Video Spoiled By Unrequested Options For WiFi Networks


A local commuter’s afternoon stroll from the office to the train station has been spoiled today, after he was ambushed by every single WiFi network in the Betoota Metro shopping centre, at the same time.

Mark Allen (29) was reminiscing in the glory days of the Canberra Raiders while walking and surfing Youtube at the same time, before his stream of Ken Nagas’ famous ‘shut the gate’ try in 1994 was paused automatically, without giving him any say in the matter.

“No. I don’t want to sign into Betoota Subway’s WiFi” he said.

“I’m only passing through, and I don’t have a password, and I’m not going to walk in and ask”

“This network pop-up spoiled my video, it was just getting to the good bit where Rabs went wild when Kenny hit the gas down the left-wing”

Mark says after three attempts at closing the window showcasing available wifi networks in his immediate surroundings, he was forced to close the screen and start again.

“I had to go back and look the video up, but yeah, it definitely ruined it for me” he says.

“I’m just trying to walk home in peace. Seriously, get out of my phone”

“If I want to use a local businesses wifi, I’ll ask awkwardly after paying for a meal”



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