World Is Still Spinning, Says NASA

World Is Still Spinning, Says NASA


Breaking news from NASA this morning has indicated that planet Earth is continuing to spin at its usual RPM rate, despite the fact that the America just elected Donald J. Trump as President Of The United States.

Analysts, polls and mainstream traditional media have, up until 20 hours ago, been unable to even consider the possibility of Trump winning presidency.

However, upon seeing a dramatic swing towards him in the final hours of the election, even the most optimistic assumed they were witnessing the end of the world.

However, according to an extremely nervous National Aeronautics and Space Administration the world has not ended yet, and is continuing to spin.

“Nothing has happened yet”

“Come back to us in a couple of months. Providing we have enough funding to do this stuff”


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  1. Pudenda Non Grata   November 11, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    You trust NASA?

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