In a developing story from the Democratic People’s Republic of Western Australia, the state’s parliament has fallen.

Residents of the state and its neighbouring country of Australia are watching on in shock today, as the DPRWA’s military storm the capital.

The military has reportedly stormed the state’s parliament, seizing on the power vacuum that was created by the passing of Chairman and Supreme Leader Mark McGowan.

Leading the state for nearly three decades, the wildly popular leader left the vacuum after passing away a couple of days ago.

That vacuum has now reportedly been filled by an emboldened military, who have seized control of the state’s legislature and the iron ore deposits.

Led by General Justin Langer, the military have captured key sites across Perth and assumed control of all sea and air transport.

Channel 7 TV network and the West Australian newspaper, the state’s two propaganda arms have also been taken under military control.

It’s unknown what the coup means for the people of Western Australia, who have essentially been living under an authoritarian regime since the turn of the century.

The AFL has quickly seized on the opportunity to expel the two Perth based teams, in a long dreamed of move to consolidate the Melbourne base of the league.

A military spokesperson is set to give an official conference at 3:00pm AWST.

More to come.


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