A bottle of Yellowtail is being pulled from a fridge in Noosa this evening as a local Mum prepares herself for the nightly news.

Sandra Coolum (55) has for the past decade enjoyed tuning into Nine News QLD to get herself up to date with the latest in world news and to also marvel at the fine features of QLD presenter Andrew Lofthouse, the silver haired spunk who reminds her a little of her first husband, Steve.

But now that State of Origin fever has spread across the east coast of Australia and every news bulletin features three live crosses into Queensland Origin camp, Sandra told The Advocate she didn’t mind the wall to wall Maroons coverage because it gave her the chance to sip a nice chardy and a enjoy a few minutes with “My Billy” every night.

Speaking to The Advocate from her 7-piece wicker outdoor lounge setting overlooking Main Beach, Sandra told our reporter QLD coach Billy Slater was more than welcome to come around if the squad ever needed a place to stay.

“I don’t mind a little bit of Billy in the evenings, he’s a bit of a dish isn’t he?” Sandra told our reporter, as she carved herself a hunk of Mersey Valley cheese and wedged it between a few water crackers.

“I liked him as a player, but just like this Yellowtail he’s really aging like a fine wine.”

Asked what she thought of coach Slater’s decision to drop incumbent fullback Kalyn Ponga to make way for Brisbane hot-throbber Reece Walsh, Sandra told The Advocate she understood Slater’s choice and thought he’s picked very well for the series opener.

“Mmmm no I’m glad we went with young Reece, he’s quite young and sparky isn’t he?”

“And Patrick? Little Patty Carrigan? He’s built tall and broad like Tarzan, reminds me of the ‘George of the Jungle’ movie I used to put on for the kids when they were young!”

“I’ve always thought myself to be a bit of a Jane.”


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