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A bloke spotted on Bumble has revealed himself to be quite the loner, if his preferences for a girlfriend are anything to go by, it’s reported.

Matt Ellis [26] is alleged to have been spotted by a few bachelorettes, who despite being quite charmed by his good looks, found his dating bio quite confusing.

One woman, Sophie, tells our reporter that she’d been unsure what to make of his expectations , and that it looked as though he was on the hunt for some blokes to hang out with.

“I’m sure there are some women who would fit the bill”, says Sophie, “I mean, I don’t mind going to the odd footy game.”

“But if you put these all together, they’re all traditionally blokey things to be looking for in a girlfriend.”

Showing our reporter his profile, it reads that Matt is looking for someone to ‘spot me at the gym, who loves hiking and camping, early mornings at the beach, 4WD, watching AFL, and enjoying a beer (or two).’

“Poor guy must be really lonely and have no friends”, Sophie surmises, “that, or just wants a blank slate girlfriend who’s happy to absorb his interests.”

“He might be better off getting a mate.”

“Or a dog.”

More to come.


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