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Betoota based anti-plastic campaigner and eco-warrior Mia Bowler (25) has today conceded that she probably won’t be drinking out of the tap on her next trip to South East Asia.

The PR graduate and social media activist has confirmed that while she has done away with coffee cups and single-use straws, water straight from the source in Bali might be a leap too far.

Bowler has raked in social media accolades from like-minded individuals over the last few months with her incredible efforts to save our planet.

From posting about giving up packaging on fruit and vegetables to picking up a piece of plastic every single time she goes to the beach, young Bowler’s life has been the epitome of a mover and shaker.

Bowler, however, is now off to Bali, Indonesia, where she will be enjoying a holiday, and faces her next challenge; the fact that she can’t preach about using her own water bottle because drinking out of the tap will make her poor little first world tummy all upset.

Bowler told us that unfortunately, the sad reality of the matter is that she will have to drink bottled water when she is overseas.

“Yeah I am sad that the West’s desire for a cheap holiday has completely destroyed the culture and environment of places like Bali, but it’s just such an awesome place to unwind after a stressful few months at my agency,” Bowler said.

“And besides, I’m not just going there for yoga retreats and villas. I’m going to be stopping into a couple of schools while I’m there to teach kids how to recycle the different types of plastics. So don’t say I’m a passive bystander!”


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