A trending international news story has left the people of Planet Earth feeling unfamiliar emotions such as joy and relief today, after 12 Thai kids and their assistant soccer coach were found alive in a cave complex nine days after they went missing.

“It’s just such lovely news” said a Betoota local named Glenn, currently sitting at the front bar of the Lord Kidman Hotel.

“I’m processing very unfamiliar emotions that I haven’t felt since Beaconsfield” he said.

After the 2016 mass-refugee exodus from the Middle East, and subsequent populist government elections around the world, good news stories that unites every global citizen have been few and far between.

Until now.

“How good is this!” says people from all ethnic backgrounds on both the left and right of the political spectrum.

“This is nothing but good news. There is literally no reason to begin debating this news story like we do with everything else in the current culture war climate”

“It’s just a good story. Thank whatever God you believe in that they found them alive and well”

With the confirmation “safe” with “signs of life” but now the massive international rescue effort has turned its attention to the next challenge — getting the group out of the cave.




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