The men behind the United States military are today one touch away from climaxing.

With their teeth firmly biting down on their bottom lip as blood pulsates to their most sensitive appendage, the people who make the US military tick are absolutely on edge over the situation in Yemen and the Red Sea.

Following the flair up in Palestine, the United States have spent the last few months dreaming about sending the troops into a Middle Eastern or South Asian nation.

And now, with the Houthi Rebels in Yemen causing a scene in the Red Sea, the United States have been pushed closer to the edge of a big O that comes with an invasion of another country.

The Houthis are an Islamist political group who are the opposition to the Yemeni government, which the Houthis say are backed by and at the behest of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

They have been part of a long running conflict with the Yemeni government and have recently started targeting ships travelling through a naval passage in the Red Sea – in what they say is solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Obviously that hasn’t gone down well with part the of international community that is spearheaded by the United States, and has now seen a US lead coalition fire up the fizzy rockets.

“Fuckkkkk,” panted a spokesperson for the US Military Industrial Complex – the term for the relationship between the government funded military and the defence industry.

“I’m edging so hard right now,” he said after the US fired its 8th round of airsrtikes against Houthi targets in Yemen.

“Fuck, I’d give anything to finish off.”

“Hopefully Iran can send a few more rockets down to the Houthis and we can get rolling.”

More to come.


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