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Art imitates life according to Paramount Pictures executive, Jerry Levinwitz (43).

Levinwitz made the comment this morning during the Studio’s surprise announcement that they have rushed to greenlight production of ‘The Big Short 2’, with shooting to commence effective immediately.

Levinwitz told the Advocate that as multiple elite banking giants crumble into Lehman Brothers-styled heaps, it’s taken the Studio by surprise to realise the next Global Financial Crisis has arrived early.

“We didn’t think we’d be shooting this film for at least another 5 years, but it just goes to show the incredible recovery rate of idiotic corporate greed,” Levinwitz said in reference to the cause of every single GFC that ever happens.

The first Big Short film explored the US investment banking industry and the institutional drivers that caused the GFC of 2008. With those drivers of course being the utterly reprehensible nature of human greed and its unbridled thirst for power no matter the consequences.

Now with GFC 2023 gathering pace, the highly anticipated sequel plans to explore exactly the same thing again. Only this time, it will focus on different banking institutions that appear to have missed the moral lessons found in the first film.

Levinwitz trusts that the formula of the first movie will be just as entertaining this time around, and hopes to revisit beloved characters from the original once again. 

“We’ve called Michael Burry to confirm whether he saw this latest GFC coming. Apparently he shorted Credit Suisse, Deutsch Bank and Silicon Valley Bank a year ago so there’s our storyline right there,” Levinwitz said. 

The sequel will shoot over the next month. Several scenes will even be shot on Australian soil as the movie touches upon the meaningless nature of Australia’s Banking Royal Commission that didn’t change a fucking thing.

Levinwitz imagines the film will be wrapped up and ready for distribution by the American autumn. Australian theatrical release is expected to be Christmas this year, which Levinwitz trusts will coincide well with the peak of the terrifying consequences this next GFC will bring.

More to come.


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