In what may be the most well-catered sign that you are getting older, your most treasured and formative years are now an average party theme.

An independent woman in the ever-trendy ‘investment suburb’ of Betoota’s French Quarter, Natalia Vowell (31), has attended her fair share of ‘80s and ‘90s themed parties with an op-shop sourced outfit and hilarious playlist suggestions to match.

As Vowell and her friends have gotten older the era-themed parties have decreased in frequency because who can be fucked when ‘drinking’ is the best party theme there is?

However, Vowell’s work colleague Trisha Doel (23) is far from getting that memo and committed a borderline hate crime by inviting the Millennial to a ‘00s Cringe’ themed party.

Vowell showed us the invitation to ‘Trisha’s Trash ‘00s Bash’ which was made ironically on movie motion graphic plastic and decorated with Bang On The Door stickers.

“Why is she calling this daggy?” asked Vowell, looking at an aesthetic reminder of the world where she first comprehended the idea of existence.

“This isn’t daggy this is just…life, childhood and God.”

In an official statement Vowell said she is ‘looking forward to attending the party’ but cannot guarantee she will not be critiquing the authenticity of people’s outfits and getting really shitty when anyone wearing an MCR shirt admits they haven’t listened to The Black Parade in its entirety.

“It was a cultural shift!”


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